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Christmas Feasting With Fortnum & Mason

It is true, I am an Unabashed Epicurean. Christmas is the perfect time to over-indulge unapologetically and unabashedly, from celebrating into the early hours with our nearest and dearest, to sitting down for an extravagant and decadent Christmas lunch. Boxing Day, which I rather enjoy more than the big day itself, is reserved for comfy pyjamas and an endless buffet of leftovers, followed by a refreshing country walk.

My one guilty pleasure during the festive period is to treat myself to some outrageously luxurious sweetmeats and confectionary, which I wouldn’t dare dream of consuming during the rest of the year. There is only one place that I like to go to satisfy my sweet tooth and that is Fortnum & Mason.

Celebrating its 314th year, F&M truly is the iconic London landmark, offering the finest food and drink, perfect for the festive period!

I was recently delighted to receive the F&M Christmas 2021 Catalogue, which is packed with pages of the most delicious nosh.

I thought I would share with you some of my personal favourites, along with some recommendations for the Unabashed Epicurean in your life.

Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Florentines

Sweet and sticky Florentines filled with juicy cranberries, topped with a decadent layer of rich dark chocolate. I love to enjoy Florentines with a steaming hot cup of loose-leaf tea or an Italian espresso.

Glace Fruits Selection in Wooden Box

If only they counted toward my 5 a day! These beautiful and succulent pieces of fruit take forever-and-a-day to produce, which makes it even more important that they be relished. Handmade in France to a traditional recipe, what’s not to love?

Pruneaux d’Argen

Made from plums grown in the south of France, they are hand prepared, and hand stuffed, with a sweet and mouth-watering prune puree. You will not be able to discard the tin!

Dark Chocolate Orange & Cognac Dragees

Each almond is steeped in orange flavoured dark chocolate before being filled with Folle Blanche Cognac VSOP from Chateau de Beaulon. *Mouth waters*

Traditional Shortbread Fingers

I mean, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without shortbread biscuits...

Pates de Fruits

Crafted by artisans, these delightful fruit jellies are made from the finest fruits. I am not the biggest fan of jelly sweets, but these are irresistible, as is the chic tin in which they arrive.

Hand Dipped Dark Chocolate Griottes

These dark chocolate Griottes are made from Kentish Morello cherries that have been steeped in brandy for 3 whole years before being double dipped in chocolate by hand. How bad can that be?

Cinnamon and Apple Curd

I can’t wait to swirl this delicious concoction of cinnamon and apple into my morning oats, or slather over hot, buttery sourdough.

Pol Roger Champagne

What's Christmas without Champagne?

Fortnum’s Piccadilly Building Advent Calendar

Not only are these calendars magnificent, but they are also made from wood and therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can fill each door with whatever treats you like - for children and adults!

Christmas Hampers

Fortnum’s have been delivering their famous hampers around the globe since the 18th century. Their wicker baskets are filled with irresistible delights from their famous Food Hall, from wines and cheeses to preserves and cakes and caviar. The most perfect gift. There is a hamper for everyone – from vegan to free-from and vegetarian. I love to repurpose their wicker baskets – perfect for storing wellies in the back of the car, or storing blankets in the bedroom.

- Ahmer

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