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My Top 3 Skin Saviours From La Mer

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Skincare is an integral part of my daily routine from morning to midnight. In the last 5 years I have taken the art of self-care very seriously and I invest in high quality skincare products. I look for products that are driven by science but also products that harmonise with the sensualist within me. I love the intimacy and ritual of applying skincare, it is almost ceremonial.

I believe in nurturing and caring for my skin, the body’s largest organ. I believe in looking after the skin whilst young so it can grow old gracefully, healthily and naturally. I believe in using products that are as natural and non-chemical as possible and which are as kind to me as they are to the environment.
I first began using La Mer when I was 21. La Mer products were ever present in my childhood home, my mother being a confirmed devotee. I started using La Mer when I began to shave. Shaving really affected my skin, leaving it dry, irritated and red. I was often left with tiny scarring from any small cuts I sustained when shaving.

My first purchase was The Concentrate which I bought after watching a YouTube review on how it helped heal a lady’s scarring from burns caused by scolding cooking oil.

I had used The Concentrate morning and night religiously for about 6 months when I truly began to see a difference. My skin felt stronger, it looked and felt healthy and my tiny shaving scars had healed and vanished. Today I use The Concentrate as a post shave treatment which helps to immediately soothe, comfort and hydrate my skin.

After the impressive results of The Concentrate, I purchased Creme De La Mer. I bought the rich cream on my mother’s recommendation. I remember it was wintertime and my skin needed an extra dose of moisture. This cream was everything that I expected it to be. I knew it was a cult classic with many devoted users across the world, so this cream definitely lived up to its prestige. I still use the cream today and I love the process of applying it to my skin. Again the ritual of this process along with its stunning aroma ignites the sensualist in me. I alternate the texture of the cream through seasons. I use the soft cream for spring and autumn, the cool gel cream for summer and the rich cream for winter.

When I went to replenish my La Mer saviour in Selfridges, I had a chat with a wonderful lady at the counter who showed me their bodycare products. I believe in looking after the skin on my body just as much as the skin on my face. The rich silky texture of the cream and it’s faint scent sold me immediately. Just like all La Mer products, the body cream has the magic miracle broth in the formula which is packed with vitamins and minerals.

During the last year in lockdown I really took the time to continue to nurture my skin from head to toe with a strict routine.

These 3 La Mer products are the ones I find to be most effective for me in terms of their results on my skin, and how they make me feel. These 3 products are my tried and true and I will always have them in my beauty stash.

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