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My Unabashed Addiction

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Interior Design and Architecture has long been a point of significant interest to me. I take great delight in perusing and observing the variations of individual styles and tastes. On a weekend, where I slow down and press pause, I like to immerse and indulge myself in my coveted copies of The World Of Interiors. I love to feast on the gleaming and glossy pages filled with the most beguiling exteriors and sumptuous interiors. Paired with a frothy cappuccino and absolute silence, I like to pour over each page, jotting down ideas and inspirations I find along the way.

The art of note-taking is not one to be taken lightly. My stationery of choice must befit the grandeur presented before me. Smythson has long been a trusted friend. A Great British luxury institution, with a rich heritage and history, focusing on sustainability, a subject of immense importance to me. An abundance of rich colour offerings, leather of exceptional quality and their gilt-edged paper makes a Smythson notebook the most compatible of writing companions.

To compliment, my preferred writing instrument is a black lacquer and gold Parker Fountain Pen. I keep this safely stored in a soft, black and gold Smythson leather pen case. I find the utmost pleasure in permanently documenting my thoughts in black Fountain Pen ink on Smythson’s iconic featherweight pale blue paper.

The World of Interiors subscription:
Mara Chelsea Notebook:
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- Ahmer x
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