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Picnicware For Your Next Al Fresco Feast

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

What does summer mean for you?

For me, summer is the feeling of complete and utter freedom. The joy of a baking-hot day, eating nature’s seasonal bounty, hydrating with wine and exploring the places that the other seasons forbid. The season where you dig out last year’s garbs in the optimistic hope that they might still fit - we all have that same annual dread, I’m sure ... !

Although there will be no change for some, for many others summer will again look a little different this time around. Understandably in the circumstances, as many of us divert from city to country, picnics have become increasingly popular. Picnics are, you might say, a post-Covid reinvention of Al Fresco dining.

This year my summer will be the same as normal - when not travelling abroad, I love to travel within the UK and visit our beautiful countryside, stately homes and national gardens and parks. There are many wonderful places to visit in the North, so road-trips make up a huge part of my summer schedule. A picnic stuffed into the car, to be devoured upon reaching my idyllic destination, a day of exploration beckoning ...

Below I have gathered together some of my favourite picnic bags, baskets and hampers, into which you can pack your favourite epicurean delights to share with loved ones (or even savour alone!).

Les Jardin De La Comtesse - Marly 4 person wicker picnic basket. Comes with:

• 4 cream ceramic plates embossed with Les Jardin De La Comtesse crest (20cm in diameter)

• 4 wine glasses

• 4 complete sets of stainless steel cutlery

• 1 salt and pepper shaker set

• 1 corkscrew/bottle opener

• 2 tabs for holding a bottle inside the insulated compartment

• 1 waterproof bag for dirty dishes

Length 46cm, Height 31cm, Depth 23cm.

Available at Selfridges, £100.

Croft Collection - luxury filled wicker picnic basket for 2. Comes with:

• 2 plates

• 2 knives

• 2 forks

• 2 spoons

• 2 wine glasses

• 2 napkins

• 1 bottle opener

• 1 salt and pepper shaker set

Height 21cm, Width 38cm, Depth 38cm.

Available at John Lewis, £125.

Fortnum & Mason wicker hamper - Comes with:

• An insulated wicker hamper that ensures your food stays fresh for longer

• A luxurious and soft rug

• Perfect for a solo picnic

Width 30cm, Height 49cm, Depth 19cm.

Available at Fortnum & Mason, £115.

Les Jardins De La Comtesse Champs Elysees picnic hamper for 6 - Comes with:

• 6 porcelain plates embossed with Les Jardins De La Comtesse crest

• 6 180ml wine glasses

• 6 sets of cutlery

• 1 salt and pepper shaker set

• 1 corkscrew and bottle opener

• Cutting board and knife

• 2 insulated bags

• 1 picnic blanket (120 x 145cm)

Width 62cm, Length 44cm, Height 23cm.

Available at Sous Chef, £225.

Harrods filled picnic bag for 4 - Comes with:

• 4 plates

• 4 sets of cutlery

• 4 wine glasses

• 1 cutting board

• 1 salt and pepper shaker set

Height 30cm, Width 30cm, Depth 20cm.

Available at Harrods , £100.

Greenfields woven wine cooler bag for 2 - Comes with:

• 2 polycarbonate wine glasses

• 1 waiters friend

• 2 check napkins

• Perfect for those who want to enjoy a tipple in the park

• 1 picnic blanket (Length 135cm, Width 148cm)

Length 38cm, Width 20cm, Depth 10cm.

Available at Selfridges, £28.

Daylesford, The Antipasti Hamper - for when you want a quick grab and go. Perfect for at least 2 or 3. Comes with:

• Rose Frizzante 75cl

• Sparkling apple juice 750ml

• Friend and salted broad beans 150g

• Organic smoked hummus 200g

• Organic garlic and herb olives 185g

• Organic butternut squash chutney 270g

• Organic cheddar from their award winning creamery 200g

• Manuka honey and oat biscuits 120g

• Salami

• Reusable Daylesford cooler bag

Available at Daylesford, £85.

Happy Picnicing!

- Ahmer x

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