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Stationery To Help You Organise And Decorate Your Workspace

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Being a Virgo, I am quite the perfectionist. Everything has a place and I usually know where everything is kept. My friends apparently disagree, claiming that my home is disorganised, with my many decorative pieces dotted around, but my response to that appalling accusation is that I am indeed highly organised but just in a very different kind of way ...

My desk, however, is another story. Working from home this past year has left it in a state of total disarray. Stacks of old paper and notebooks, stationery stuffed into any and every drawer, and desk accessories hidden beneath all of it!

Many have been the times when I have searched for something and convinced myself that it has been lost for good only for it to later reveal itself once a replacement has been ordered!

I plan to undertake my annual household spring clean next week and with that in mind I have been inspired to arrange and organise my desk again. It is a daunting task and something that I am not too thrilled to be confronting. But I want my working area to be just as organised and tidy as the rest of the house (in my personal organised way ... ) so I have been browsing some of my favourite retailers for new supplies to get my desk restored to its former glory.

Here is what I am loving:

John Derian Paperweights - A beautiful selection of paperweights to elevate your desk aesthetic. Available from Maze Clothing, £69.

Mochaware Ceramic Pen Pot - A chic home for all your pens. Available at Choosing Keeping, from £65.

Wave Edge Letter Sorter - Stay organised with all your personal correspondence in one place. Available at Parvum Opus, $170.

Lodhi Trinket Trays - Who doesn’t love a gorgeous trinket tray? Available at Abigail Ahern, £8.50.

Antique 3 Black Leather Book Storage Box - A fun and convenient way to incorporate some classical decor. Available at Trouva, £30.

Malachite A4 Boxfile - An elegant archival box to store your papers. Available at Pentreath & Hall, £32.

Soho Notebook - A Smythson notebook is the gold standard in stationery. Available at Smythson, £155.

Sterling Silver Letter Opener - Because opening a letter with your fingers is a faux pas. Available at Aspinal of London, £130.

Lakadema Leopard Bookends - Add a dash of fun and character to your desk or office, Available at OKA, £70.

Pencil Case - Whether on the go or in the office, a pencil case to house your favourite writing instruments. Available from Metier London, £150.

- Ahmer x

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