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Staying In Has Become The New Going Out

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

One thing I am really looking forward to resuming again is hosting intimate soirées with dear friends at home. Draping ourselves across couches, surrounded by chitter-chatter, canapés and cocktails. I haven’t been able to host in a while, so instead I have been perfecting the art of the smaller soirée.
To begin with, I was never one to really go out “partying”. The night scene was never one I was greatly interested in after my university days. Being in the comfort of my own home provides me with great joy and pleasure, whereas a night on the town is my idea of hell, leaving me often feeling very uncomfortable and unsafe. I would much rather be at home with friends, supping a glass of champagne or a cocktail, lighting a favourite Diptyque candle, lazing about in a pair of chic pyjamas in a relaxed and cosy setting.
After this bizarre and difficult year, I expect many will begin to spend more time at home and entertain and I certainly will continue to do so. Being summoned to remain indoors has really made me realise how much I truly love being at home. I’ve established a Friday and Saturday night lockdown tradition with myself, which has been fun. It’s pretty simple; a hearty supper, followed by cocktails or a favourite champagne, delicious truffles and a film to finish. Preferably a classic.
Unabashedly during this last year, I have over-indulged with purchases for our home. I have been building an arsenal of epicurean delights from Waterford Crystal glassware to Georg Jensen barware, readying myself for when I can again entertain friends.
Below are the essentials of The Unabashed Epicurean night at home. These are the indispensable ingredients of my weekend follies.
Alfred piped striped cotton pyjama by Schiesser from Mr Porter

Leather and velvet tasselled slippers by Paul Stewart from Mr Porter

Organic fisherman’s pie from Daylesford

Perrier-Jöuet Grand Brut NV from Waitrose

The Savoy cocktail book from Abebooks

Charbonnel et Walker truffles from Selfridges

Lismore coupe champagne glasses from Waterford

Narguilé candle from Diptyque

Barware from Georg Jensen

Vertigo from Amazon
- Ahmer x
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